Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Day Left!

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 am my trip begins.  I’ve got a ticket for a shuttle bus which will take me from Albany Int. Airport down to JFK.  The bus makes several stops on the way, but I should be arriving at JFK around 2:00 pm.  It should drop me off right at my terminal.  I’ll have a while to wait before my flight leaves, but this was the cheapest and most direct mode of transportation.  I’ll be heading down by myself, so I’ll say my goodbyes in Albany.  It probably makes sense to drop my checked bag right away, and then wait a while before going through security. 

I’ll have a few movies and some tv shows on my laptop and my Ipod to help pass the time before my 9 pm flight.  I’m also taking Neverwhere, because it has to be read in London, which I can start reading if I get bored.  The flight should arrive around 9am British Summer Time, which would be around 4 am EST.  Once we all get through customs we get to board buses and ride for a couple of hours to the apartments.  Then we have a free afternoon, to get settled and explore, and not sleep.

At this point I am pretty much packed.  I did some last minute shopping yesterday, and weighed my suitcase last night.  It’s around 44 lbs by our scale, so I should be fine.  My carry on is a bit heavy, since I shuffled around some of the weight from the checked suitcase, but I’ll manage.  I’ve printed out my flight info, but it’s too early to do online check-in.  My original ISIC had a misspelling, so I sent it back.  I should receive the new one in London.  I’ve submitted both my book reviews, and read the posted course lectures.

I finished reading London Rising earlier this week, and I’m almost finished with a Traveller’s History of London.  I’ve only got around 40 pages left.  I’m working my last shift at PC today from 11-3; then I’ll be done at work and free to hop the pond.  In less than 48 hours I’ll be in London!


  1. Neverwhere is fantastic! Definitely a perfect book to read in London!

  2. I lent it to my sister recently. She took it to South Dakota with her, though, which should be interesting.