Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Academic Summer Plans

This summer I will be going back to London!!!

I've been waiting for a chance to get back to London since my semester abroad in undergrad.  Early in the spring semester I received an email about the British Summer Program throug the University of Southern Mississippi.  I immediately jumped at the chance to get back to the UK.  I will be taking two graduate information science courses, for 6 credits total, called British Libraries and Information Centres.  The program is during the whole month of July and it involves visiting lots of libraries, archives, and museums in London and beyond.  The program housing is at the King’s College, University of London near Waterloo Station (yes, my first reaction was to pull out my Tube map and make sure I had it right in my head, which I did).

I’m so excited.  The professor has sent out the syllabus and some recommended books to read and I've started reading a couple of them.  The professor also said to make sure we start walking and are in shape.  I just smiled at the suggestion.  I know from experience the amount of walking that will occur in London.Assessment for the course includes a couple of book reviews, participation, a research paper and a blog of the sites we visit.  This is my first post for the blog.  I will post the full schedule soon.  Tentative sites to be visited include: British Library, British Museum, London Library, St. Paul’s Library, Oxford’s Bodleian Library, Greenwich Maritime Museum, Stratford-on-Avon, Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Art Library, and a weekend trip to Edinburgh.  It looks like there will be a good mix of familiar location I've briefly visited and several completely new places.  I can't wait.

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